Massage that allows you to work on various psychosomatic disorders like (anxiety, irritability, depression, psychophysical stress, physical and emotional trauma).
It makes use of the help of Bach Flowers which are chosen in detail through a brief interview and a kinesiological test, after which they are mixed with almond oil and applied to the skin through a massage made of gentle and relaxing maneuvers to rebalance the energy and you find yourself a state of well-being.


A very effective technique that uses acupressure to stimulate the psychophysical well-being of our body through specific points of the foot and the hand, these are in fact peripheral parts with reflex zones that when stimulated allow to act Indirectly on various body districts transmitting nerve impulses in a way to rebalance energy.


Massage that loosens tensions and muscular contractures. Stimulates the body’s energy by reactivating the blood and lymphatic circulation through slow movements and more or less deep pressures on the body. Excellent anti-stress, promotes relaxation and stimulates the production of endorphins.


Massage technique based on the energetic concept typical of traditional Chinese medicine. It is practiced through acupressure and traction in order to work on the meridians (energy channels that pass through the body) and restore energy. It has beneficial effects on anxiety and stress, reduces the symptoms of depression relieves tension and restores the body’s energy balance.


Manipulation treatment that acts on the fascia, with the specific purpose of loosening the muscles and eliminating contractures by stretching and rubbing pressures.
Promotes relaxation and psychophysical rebalancing. It reactivates the blood circulation and regenerates the tissues. It is used in cases of muscle stiffness, joint blockages, anxiety and emotional blockages.