Holistic Aesthetics

Holistic Aesthetics


Treatment to detoxify the skin of the body, eliminate toxins, improve circulation.
Starting point to start a rebalancing path of the body. The elimination of toxins, a fundamental action in Ayurveda, allows to free the channels of skin penetration, to prepare the skin to receive the functional principles of plants and rebalance the imperfections. The result will be a remineralized skin, clean in depth, oxygenated and hydrated.


Intensive treatment with restorative and moisturizing action, against loss of tone and elasticity of the skin, caused by weight loss, stress and skin aging.
Treatment that improves the firmness of the skin and stimulates circulation. Aimed at those skins to regain elasticity and tone. Pregnancy, weight loss, severe stress are some of the causes that lead to hypotonic tissues. It uses active ingredients and dexterity that make the skin immediately more toned, elastic and smooth.


Treatment to prevent, combat and reduce cellulite, improve micro-circulation and drain excess fluids.
Its purpose is to eliminate excess edema in all those cellulites in which the stagnation of liquids is very evident. It has a strongly draining action and improves circulation making tissues more oxygenated and free of waste. It is also an ideal treatment to make the legs heavy, giving a sensation of immediate lightness and freshness.


Treatment that facilitates the metabolic functions of fat cells, restores the thermal balance of the skin preventing the development of fat pads, helps to eliminate excess fluids and toxins.
To find a reshaped and slender body, the treatment works on fibrous cellulite and localized adiposity. The extracts of precious active Ayurvedic ingredients present an action that help to dissolve, remodel and mobilize the accumulated fat, improving the appearance of “orange peel”. It is an excellent reducing treatment that accelerates the results in a dietary diet.


In Ayurvedic texts, particular importance is given to the care and massage of the feet since this is an effective way to pacify the doshas, ​​in particular the Vata dosha, giving a deep and lasting sensation of relaxation, lightness and well-being. Ayurfeet treatment is able to ensure relaxed and well-groomed legs and feet stimulating circulation in all the lower limbs.


The beauty of the hands does not lie: already thousands of years ago Ayurveda claimed that the hands reveal the age of the woman – and of the man – more than the face! When the hands are well looked after, healthy and beautiful, they transmit a natural energy that is felt even through a casual handshake. Here is a simple Ayurvedic recipe to protect and nourish your hands.


A fragile skin is more easily irritated in contact with physical or chemical agents and is more susceptible to various allergies, redness and itching. From an aesthetic point of view, having a sensitive skin means automatically being more subject to the premature formation of wrinkles and, even worse, of surface capillaries. Epilatory treatment is a bloody procedure that, when repeated over time, can cause side effects such as worsening the state of sensitivity of the treated parts. Dehasoft is a specific protocol that eliminates the aforementioned risks, combining it with an innovative system of “reconstructive epilation” almost painless. The result is a significant decrease in redness caused by the tear. It follows the soothing and retarding phase of hair growth.