Face Treatments

Face Treatments


Impure skin, asphyxiated, presence of toxins.
Election treatment with which to start any beauty path on the face. It is aimed at all those skins that show the presence of toxins: the impure skins, the graying skins. Treatment that performs a rebalancing action, making the skin well hydrated, maintaining the hydrolipidic film unaltered, also tamping with excess greasiness in the oily skin.


Deep hydration.
It performs a deep relaxing and relaxing action, enhanced by specific Ayurvedic techniques. The rich in extracts of Indian origin have a preventive action of the imaging. The result has restored the balance of the skin giving a constant level of hydration. Immediate is the brightness, the softness and the silkiness of the face, neck and décolleté.


Sensitive skin, couperose, acne with papules.
It gently protects and stimulates natural defenses, calms redness and irritations, maintains hydration and soothes the skin. Unique treatment in the solution for all sensitive skin. It also has an energetic disinfectant, purifying and anti-inflammatory action. The skin is refreshed, clear, hydrated and protected.


Oily fatty skin, enlarged pores, microcystic acne.
The treatment has a strong astringent and antiseptic action to regain a sebaceous balance. The extracts of pure Ayurvedic plants have a strong sebum-balancing and anti-inflammatory action. The skin regains its balance, appears smooth and uniform and well hydrated.


Mature skin, hydration and deep nutrition.
Synergy of pure active ingredients that acts in defense of mature skin, deeply nourishing the skin giving it a smooth, relaxed and luminous appearance. The application of anti-age erbalized oil is a precious gift that the mature skin allows itself. The skin regains its luminosity, is nourished and revitalized and deeply hydrated.


Cataplasms of pure herbal powders.
Lepa treatment involves the application, on the face or body, of a cataplasm of powders of Ayurvedic plants and clay mixed with almond milk for a purifying, moisturizing, soothing, firming or rebalancing action depending on the selected mixture. It is an elite treatment that perfectly combines the ancient Ayurvedic tradition and modern Western cosmetics for visible effectiveness right from the first application.


Elixir of beauty for a luminous, relaxed, nourished and hydrated skin.
An experience of profound well-being where the wise manual skills of Indian tradition are combined with the sensoriality of an excellent cosmetics. High performance treatment able to satisfy the most sophisticated needs of facial skin. The skin is clear, luminous, compact and smooth from the outset. The eye contour is well hydrated and drained and the lips contour nourished and toned.